RYAN MOODY - director

Ryan Moody is a filmmaker from Trumbull County, Ohio. He now lives and works out of Los Angeles, California.

Moody developed a love for the cinema at an early age, and pursued his passion both academically and on a professional level. In 2008, he received his bachelor degree in Film Studies from The Ohio State University. He worked his way through school on film sets and video shoots in Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Indiana.

He made his debut as a director in 2009 with a short film titled Bad Morning.
It was shot on location in Columbus, Ohio.

In 2010, Moody was accepted into film school at UCLA where he is currently working toward a Master of Fine Arts degree in directing.

In 2012, Moody returned to his hometown of Warren, Ohio to shoot another short film titled Last Call. The film was released in 2013 and has screened in numerous film festival across the country. Last Call has garnered awards from the Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival, The California Independent Film Festival, The Columbus International Film + Video Festival, and the Big Island Film Festival.

In 2013, Moody wrote and directed his thesis film at UCLA titled Obituaries. Teaming with producer Dana Gills, Moody plans on starting a festival run with Obituaries in Spring 2014.

For his latest project, Moody is writing the script for The Disaster Artist. His first feature length endeavor, the film is an adaption of Greg Sestero's and Tom Bissell's book chronicling the making of the cult film, The Room. James Franco will direct and co-produce with Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg, and Vince Jolivette.

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