writer. director. teacher.


Ryan Moody is a filmmaker from Trumbull County, Ohio. He now lives and works out of Los Angeles, California.

In 2008, he received his bachelor degree in Film Studies from The Ohio State University. He worked his way through school on film sets and video shoots in Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Indiana.

In 2012, Moody returned to his hometown of Warren, Ohio to shoot a short
film titled Last Call. The film was released in 2013 and stars Steve Larkin and
Jack Kehler.

In 2014, Moody would go on to direct Obituaries. This would mark the first
of many collaborations between Moody and James Franco.

Also in 2014, Moody received his Master of Fine Arts degree in Film Directing from
the UCLA School of Theater, Film & Television.

His most recent work is a short film titled A Walk In Winter, a chapter in the anthology film The Heyday of the Insensitive Bastards.

In addition, Moody also is an adjunct professor at Emerson College, Los Angeles where he teaches directing and editing courses, as well as head of the filmmaking department at Studio 4 in North Hollywood.
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